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Removal of Downranking

Seriously… why…

Back to the dark-ages, back to square 1.


Doesn’t Blizzard realize that certain raid encounters need spamhealing or quick healups on tanks and raidmembers because they might die within those few seconds. No one needs HoT’s for those occasions, they’re not fast enough to keep tanks alive on those occasions.

I can remember those days where Priests were going OOM halfway a bossfight and having to innervate them – even from out of bearform sometimes – and sure that has changed for the better since the mana regeneration change.

But this really feels like going back in time, and there’s no remedy this time. Especially because of http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=53787

Or are we Druids supposed to arrange Innervate rotations for priests?

#showtooltip Innervate
/w OtherDruid I'm innervating %t - you're next!
/cast Innervate


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Addon studio v2

I’ve used the VS Addon Studio for my ManaWarning addon, and there were so many bugs it was hardly workable, but it was still much better than having to write the XML files myself when trying to create the configuration UI.

It seems that the new version of the Addon Studio is going to be a great improvement.

Channel 9 has a preview and interview with the devs here.

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Druids in Karazhan

While still lacking ideas of what to post about – when there’s already so much information out there about gear, talents, tactics, the hard facts and math essays with enough numbers to make your head spin – I’ve decided to just post again something I’ve posted on our guild forum.

Before anyone considers reading this, I do have to note that these things just indicate how I and the guild handles things, and does not at all mean your guild will hold them as true. You might call it stupid, noobish or insane, and if so: so be it, in several ways we are.

Especially the loot rules are just not something to abide to, they’re just my opinion and how we do things.

Now to hope the text conversion from BB to WordPress doesn’t take hours again…


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After two wipes I decided to go crazy and ask to the other 2 cat druids what they did to dps the flares that the Curator spawned. We did rather good, but after the first evocation, dps went down and the flares didn’t die quickly enough.

After our first attempt, we decided to huddle against eachother, close to the Curator. Reason for this was that we had 4 melee dps classes (3 druids, 1 rogue), and only 2 ranged (1 lock, 1 mage). The lock had stacked up some arcane res gear, so he stood at a bit of a distance and tried to stay second on the threatlist, and the healers tried to top him off on health so he was the one targeted with the hateful bolt.

I was fiddling around with mangle most of the time on the flares, cause I didn’t have a clue on where the ‘back’ of the flares were. After a while I just figured, well hey, they’re targeting someone, see where that target is, and the other side is the back of them (gee, rocket science). Shred maximized my dps by a lot, so I decided to ask the other druids “what abilities do you use on the flares?”. “Mostly mangle and watch the combo’s”, I did almost forget about the Ferocious Bite, so I tried to squeeze that in as well.

I suggested to try and use shred once in a while, cause its effect is modified by mangle. Yet, one mentioned he didn’t have improved shred because he was mostly “tanking specced”, so he prefered to use mangle. (the talent is called “Shredding Attack”)

The thing is, I actually took the shredding attacks talent because of the rage discount on Lacerate. I didn’t realize it enabled shred to cost less energy. Lucky me, I suppose.

Anyway, we got the flares down fast enough, and we eventually got the Curator down as well. I tried to maximize my dps to the limit, and I saw some other druids use shred more often as well. We threw in innervates to our priests, which we neglected to do the previous wipe. And hurah, our mage ended up with nice t4 gloves, the first one to receive t4 in our guild.

We continued on to Aran, and wiped 1 time because of a patrol walking by in the library. Finally we got to Aran, and we had a whole walkthrough at the tactics. But then at about 5 seconds after we engaged him, I screwed up and took a step back when there was a Flame Wreath (and perhaps a Blizzard the same time?), I got thrown in the air like 4 times, and then the raid wiped about 20 seconds after we started the fight.

It was our first attempt, and we’re going to try it again next tuesday. Not sure if I’ll be there as well, but we’ll see how it goes.

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Maiden blooms

Last night I went along another KZ raid, and found myself asked bye the raid-leader to help out healing at the Maiden. Easy said, easy done – I was hoping, but it wasn’t like that unfortunately.

I decided upon HoT healing, because I knew Maiden stuns you for several seconds throughout the fight. Although I do think I should read up on how to avoid the stuns, because I read there are some ways, it wasn’t the real problem in general. And besides, I’m not restoration, don’t have the 70% reduction of spells being interrupted, so I didn’t want to risk wasting time.

We had 3 holy priests healing, and 1 protection paladin healing as well, and at the last 2 wipes I was healing along as well. Considering the amount of people that can remove Magic, in theory this fight should have been doable. However, they did seem to have issues with it and I found myself needing to throw Rejuv’s at the people that got Holy Fire, because the dispellers couldn’t act quickly enough.

Anyway, few things I did wrong. I should have had my actionbar reindexed, I only had HT’s on it, a normal Lifebloom, and a macro’ed Lifebloom. Since I wasn’t going to heal with HT’s, I found myself clicking targets with my mouse and then looking up wherever I left my Rejuv or Regrowth button and click it.

Next thing is that I think I should’ve thrown Lifeblooms at the people that got Holy Fire instead of Rejuv’s, since the ticks are way faster and it didn’t have to last 12 seconds, it was only needed to give dispellers some time.

I’ve also had some difficulties refreshing Lifeblooms on the tank, even though I used my macro for it. And I didn’t pay attention to the DeadlyBossMods timer that indicated the time to the next repentance, if I would’ve been paying attention, I could’ve thrown a last Rejuv at someone before I got stunned.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what macro I’m using for the Lifebloom, it’s this one:

#showtooltip Lifebloom
/clearfocus [button:2]
/stopmacro [button:2]
/focus [target=focus, noexists]; [target=focus, dead]
/cast [target=focus, exists, nodead] Lifebloom

So it’s your average Focus macro. However, I’m having difficulties in using it combined with NaturEnemyCastBar. When a lot of people are throwing HoT’s and things at others, it gets shown and timed as well, which can be very confusing.

So I’m either going to look up the settings of the mod, or I’m going to use some other mod where I can view the Blooms and lifespan of ’em at my Focus target.

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Search terms – part 2

The Moroes fight

  • moroes fight

On WoW-Wiki, Bosskillers, etc. there are plenty of strategies to read on the Moroes fight, so I won’t be discussing those. I can explain how our guild does it most of the time though.

The strategy depends a bit on the adds you get, they’re randomly assigned as soon as you spawn the instance. (yes, I just said spawn) Anyhow, there are 4 adds to deal with, and there are 6 different possibilities to choose from. You can find the different adds here.

The fight pretty much requires there to be at least 2 priests to keep 2 adds shackled during the entire fight, simply because they’re just not doable with all the garottes going on. We always take a minimum of 3 priests with us, either all holy or some of them shadow.

If you get either or both the shadow-priest add or the holy-priest add, they should die first. You can tank them to make it easy for your dps, or just whatever, they should be constantly interrupted and killed asap, because they will either heal one of their fellow undead, or drain your mana.

While the adds are being killed, 2 tanks should be assigned to Moroes. They should both be at positions 1 and 2 of the threatlist, so keep an eye on your ktm or omen addon. As a feral you may choose to try and keep an add with you as well next to Moroes, so dps can do their thing without getting hurt. After 2 adds are down, dps can start focussing on Moroes. Keep the remaining shackles up, and try to keep up with both tanks and garotted people. The longer Moroes stays alive, the harder the fight will be.

Basicly this means you need everyone to be well geared to either dps, heal or tank. Attumen is a lot easier in comparison to this fight, but it’s certainly not impossible if everyone knows what to do.

The bonus healing stat

  • wow bonus healing

The most important stat of a healer is ‘Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to…’. This is plainly because it increases the amount of health your healing spells restore. The exact amount of extra restored health is however not always as much as the stat indicates. It depends on whether it’s a heal over time or a regular heal, the casting time of the spell (before talents), and the rank that is used in comparison to the level of the caster. You can pretty much find all about it over here, here and here.

You can increase the effect bonus healing has upon your healing spells using talents. In the case of a restoration druid, the bonus healing is scaled upon your bonus healing. Paladins and balance druids have scaling on intellect, which isn’t very effective most of the time as the amount of intellect doesn’t increase on gear the way bonus healing does. But it depends on your preference ofcourse.

So go get that gear with healing bonus instead of ‘damage and healing’ or int-gear (or spir-gear).

Cat DPS Rings

  • wow druid cat dps rings

Well this is a fairly easy subject. Choose Agility above anything else, after that it’s either Strength or Attack Power. The best randomly enchanted rings are suffixed with “…of the Tiger”, “…of the Beast” and sometimes “…of the Bandit”. Check AH regularly for these rings, it’ll be worth it. The rest of the ring selection you can find at Emmerald’s cat dps list.

I’m still using Lightwarden’s Band for both tanking and dps, you can get it if you’re revered with Aldor. And you get a pretty nifty ring when you’re exalted with the Sha’tar.

Caverns of Time

  • Black Morass Durnholde

The Caverns of Time instances; Old Hillsbrad Foothills, Black Morass and Hyjal Summit. You have to do some prequests first to be able to enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills, these will lead to followups that require you to completely finish the Durnholde event.

When you have finished helping out Thrall, you’re allowed to enter The Black Morass where you have to complete the Opening the Dark Portal event.

After the completion of the Dark Portal event in the instance, you can also complete the Karazhan master’s key quest, since it is only then that you can speak to Medivh in person.

To enter Hyjal Summit, you must complete the Vials of Eternity quest, involving clearing both SSC and The Eye.


  • wow shaman mp5

Restoration Druids differ with Restoration Shamans on a few things, including this subject. Druids have a talent to turn 15% of their spirit into MP5 While Casting, Shamans don’t have that luxury. Elemental shamans do have however a talent to turn their Intellect into MP5.

When checking upon my source of minimum KZ stats, I do see that a shaman should have the same amount of mp5 as a Druid.

That said, for raids, do get plenty of mp5, you will need it. If you can’t get it on your mail-gear, at least get some on your mace and shield. I’m not sure if leather or cloth will be an option, but at least don’t ‘gimp’ your +healing.

In other words, please check out the guides on your class forums, because I have no clue what I’m talking about. 🙂 Perhaps also the Shaman Wikispace?

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Search terms – part 1

Seeing the search terms people have used to end up at this blog, made me think about whether they’d be able to find the answer on this blog. If you’re one of those people that searched for something, I’ll try to summarize the different terms and answers to possible questions.

Search terms – Violet Signets

  • violet signet
  • violet signet quest
  • respec violet signet

You’re probably all looking for the different Violet Signet’s and the quests that are part of this ingenious reward system Blizzard came up with. *cough*

If you gain a new faction status with the Violet Eye (friendly, honored, revered or exalted) quests given by Archmage Leryda will be marked as completed, and you’ll be rewarded with a certain type of Violet Signet. When you hit friendly, you’ll be able to choose between 4 types of rings connected to the following quests:

  • Path of the Violet Assassin (for melee dps)
  • Path of the Violet Mage (for ranged caster dps)
  • Path of the Violet Protector (for tanks)
  • Path of the Violet Restorer (for healers)

Once you complete 1 of these quests, you’ll be stuck in that questline. So once you’ve chosen for example the Violet Restorer path once you hit friendly, you cannot exchange the ring for a Violet Protector ring once you hit honored. Now, I have done this, so I’m really not happy about the choice I made back then when I hit friendly.

If you check the in-game Online Knowledge Base however, you’ll soon discover that you’ll be given the option to exchange the ring once you hit Exalted with the Violet Eye. You can also find it in the patch notes of patch 2.1.0 “An option is available at Exalted with the Violet Eye to turn in faction ring along with gold for a different exalted-level faction ring“. You will have to pay 75g to exchange the ring.

Search terms – Stats required for tanking Karazhan

  • minimum druid tank gear kz
  • moroes crit

This is a bit of a complicated story, and it depends on who you ask for eg. minimum stats. I’ll try to sum up the ‘musts’.

Druid tanking heavily relies on ‘as high as it can get’ stats Armor and Health (stamina). Next to those you’ll need Dodge (preferably by Agility). You’ll need Armor and Dodge to either avoid or mitigate melee damage, you’ll need health to give healers time to keep you alive.

Bare in mind that a druid bear cannot Parry nor Block attacks, so we have to compensate with a lot of armor and health. You’ll likely have to match twice the armor a paladin or a warrior tank has to do the job.

Avoiding crits is a Must in raids, you’ll have to be ‘crit-immune’ for raid bosses. Eventhough this doesn’t mean you’ll never be crit, it reduces it to the absolute minimum that’s possible. Getting this immunity means you have to work on the Defense stat. No, don’t use resilience, defense will also give you dodge.

To reach ‘crit-immunity’ against lvl 73 elite bosses, you need 415 defense and 3 points in the talent Survival of the Fittest. You really need those talent points there, otherwise you’ll have to stack up your defense more than is actually possible with leather. Warriors and Paladins don’t have a similar talent, and need to have 490 defense. Getting more then 415 defense as a druid will not eventually nullify the slim chance to be crit, but it will however keep increasing your dodge. It’s generally advised to go for agility, armor or stamina after you’ve hit 415 defense.

That said, there Are some bosses who will have an increased chance to crit someone, and at that point 415 won’t be enough. It’s not generally known yet which bosses in the TBC raids have an increased chance, however there are rumors that Dual-wielding bosses do have an increased chance. This is where the name Moroes enters the scene, Moroes is a dual-wielder. I personally have not been crit yet by Moroes while having either 417 or 415 defense and about 16 resilience, but this doesn’t prove anything.

The raw figures

There’s a list circling the web with minimum stats of every class and spec to enter Karazhan, you can find the list and the discussions here:

These links show the minimum stats you’ll need to aim for, but are in no way ‘musts’.

Tanking Druid stats prioritized:

  1. 415 defense and Survival of the Fittest talent
  2. 20,000 armor
  3. 12,000 health
  4. 20% dodge

Attack power and crit chance has no real importance besides the ability to generate more threat by damage. Crits are an easy way to increase your threat output.

You can use the Emmerald Gear lists to lookup the gear you’ll need.

Well, that’s about it I guess. The post’s become a bit bigger than originally planned, but it’ll have to do.

Oh, btw, here are some references where you can check out the details on tanking stats:

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