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The main difference between normal games and WoW, is that it’s 20% game, and 80% community. It’s a great game to play on your own, but if you won’t group up with other people, you won’t be able to play and see the entire gaming environment. You’ll need other people just as much as they will need you.

But there lies the sensitive part of it all. They’re actual people, they’re not a bunch of computerized characters that you can give commands to do something. The game attracts millions of people around the globe, peoples ages varying from 6 years to 60 years old, people with different languages, different backgrounds, and different personalities. To hold these people together and getting them to work together requires a tremendous amount of effort. You could say, it requires a leader or manager. The same things are required to running a small party of 5, a raid, or an entire guild.

You need to:
– manage resources (classes, specs, availability)
– plan (plan raids, runs)
– strategic planning (marks, positions, cc)
– hear all opinions
– handle arguments
– decide
– etc.

Having an educational and work background in IT, I’ve had my share of arguments, planning and decisions to deal with. Unfortunately I’ve never been great at it, but I’m willing to learn, and I’m certainly gonna need it (it’s a irl thing).

But. And this is my actual point of the useless rambling… It’s not a job. We’re just normal people, with different personalities, that are playing a game for their own entertainment. So the most important things actually are; to be nice to eachother, to admit it whenever you’re wrong, to be honest, to communicate, to be helpful.

And yet, it simply pisses me off that sometimes people really don’t show any interest in whatsoever, don’t communicate, and can’t be bothered to help someone out for something greater then farming motes.
And somehow, somehow… I need to be able to cope with that, and stay positive, ’cause it’s just a game.

How Do you handle with things like this? I usually grab a bottle of alcoholic beverage, do some low level instance, help with a low level quest, and just try to have a laugh or two… Well at least I’ll still be doing something fun.

Does this make Any sense?


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