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Idols offline

While entertaining myself during a WoW-Hiatus, I couldn’t resist the urge to squeeze in some WoW-math. A comparison of 2 epic Feral Idols, as posted on my guild’s forum… (Idol of Terror vs. Idol of the White Stag)



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Idol of Awesomeness

So a little gear-related-post;

Get Idol of Terror, it’s awesome for both tanks and kitty’s – so get it for only 20 badges!

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Swapping gear

Recently I got a nice drop from the Chess event in Kz, and I’ve been pondering which items and gems I should be using.

The drop was a pair of Forestlord Striders, which I was first sceptical about, because I’m currently wearing Veteran’s Kodohide Boots. I could probably gem Forestlords’ to somehow “equal” to the Veteran’s, but I can’t make them better when it comes to stamina and mp5. Gemming them with 2x 18+ healing gems will be an improvement of 21 healing compared to the Veterans’, but I will lose 15 stamina, and 8mp5.

With the new patch however, I think I have decided to adjust my strategy. Because of the boost to mana regeneration from Spirit while casting, my overal regen will go up. And since I can survive fairly well with the current regeneration amount, I’m going to dump some raw mp5 for healing. After all, healing is just about the only stat that actually scales (ok, spirit scales a little as well).

So, I’m currently in the process of changing gems and items to higher healing levels., and will probably post the changes once I’m “done”.


Alright, summary of changes:

Resto Stats 13 Nov

So the 264 spirit currently gives about 34 mp5, and will give 34 mp5 more when the patch 2.3 is applied. So it will return to 121 mp5.

Strangely enough somehow my health stays the same, I lose 90 mana, gain 56 healing, gain 38 spirit, and gain about 18 mp5.

It’s a start… In any case, it turned my Lifebloom without ToL in a 200/400/600 hp per second heal, which is pretty fun.

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Expertise impact

While not many items may have been affected by the new Melee Stat Expertise, it did bring some buffs to a few items.

It is said in the patch notes that (Melee) Weapon Skill ratings are now converted into Expertise. So it’s been generalized into 1 new stat basically. These Weapon Skills include things like Axe Skill, Dagger Skill, etc. but it also includes Feral Combat Skill as you can see on the new version of Earthwarden. The 24 Combat Skill is converted into 24 Expertise, and this stat is still useable for Ferals.

I feel this is pretty intensional and with it, the following random Karazhan drop has been changed from 15 Sword Skill, 15 Mace Skill, and 15 Dagger Skill – to 15 Expertise! It’s the Grips of Deftness. Improving this item for feral druids quite some bit

So, if you have those, don’t throw them away just yet. Gloves of Dexterious Manipulation may still be better however, but while you have to wait for it to drop – meanwhile the Grips are nice to have.

Other Niceties on PTR

I can very much confirm this works instant with 1 click on PTR. I’ve tested it while testing if the patrols in Auchenai Crypts were indeed Neutral – and they were, but the shadowcasters are still damn annoying even with my current gear copied to PTR.

#showtooltip Super Healing Potion
/use Super Healing Potion
/cast Dire Bear Form

It’s pretty cool, and I’ll be sure to make a million macro’s to do the same with healthstones, stoneshield and resistance potions.

Other things like the new instance/heroic/cooking/battleground daily quests, Zul’aman, new tracking system, etc. we all heard and read about it. What more is there to say. I must say the amount and qualitity of the new epics that can be bought from Badge of Justices are amazing.

I am however distraught about the fact that they lowered Heroic Keys to require Honored reputation, but I’ve ranted about that already somewhere else.

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PvP gear upgrades

Last weekend was AV weekend, so I took the opportunity to gather up some honor for an item or two. I’ve been staring at the feral gear charts for hours and finally decided my belt was the most in need of replacement. The thing is however, is that those belts come in different flavours, and I didn’t know which one to pick.

Couple of weeks ago I bought this baby for my healing gear: Veteran’s Kodohide Belt. It’s pretty awesome with the healing and especially the mp5.

The Feral belts come in 2 flavours however: Veteran’s Leather Belt and Veteran’s Dradonhide Belt. Currently (well, before the purchase, and now unused in my bags) I’m using Manimal’s Cinch.

From the Emmerald Feral Tanking Waist gear list:

  • mit: 473.18, dps: 88.17, Veteran’s Leather Belt, 241 Armor, +30 Agility, +45 Stamina, +16 Crit, +34 AP
  • mit: 451.68, dps: 85.23, Veteran’s Dragonhide Belt, 283 Armor, +26 Agility, +39 Stamina, +27 Strength
  • mit: 420.60, dps: 86.37, Tree-Mender’s Belt, 406 Armor, +27 Agility, +22 Stamina, +27 Strength
  • mit: 339.72, dps: 61.05, Manimal’s Cinch, 348 Armor, +12 Agility, +24 Stamina, +23 Strength

I do realize that Manimal’s Cinch has a superior amount of Armor in comparison to the two pvp items, and that’s why I’m mentioning Tree-Mender’s Belt as well, a fair amount of ferals use the Tree-Mender as an upgrade to Manimal’s.

Let me just say beforehand that normally I absolutely prefer Armor beyond anything else. It enables me to reduce damage taken in a predictable way that Dodge cannot provide. Dodge will leave you with spiky damage intakes and a lack of rage in the < 70 instances.

The reason why I won’t bother to go for the Tree-Mender is because I won’t gain stamina from it, and I do want to have plenty of that for when I take non-physical damage (which is more often than you might think).

The Leather pvp belt is probably number-wise the better one for tanking. It has more stamina and more agility. It does however lack AP and armor. Technically it’s probably also better for Dps, as it has more crit rating both by the crit stat and agility.

Thinking about it now, I’ve probably made the wrong choice choosing the Dragonhide belt. But it’s still a huge gain for both dps and tanking stats in comparison to Manimal’s, save for the armor. The Leather belt would have left me with less AP (because strength is worth twice as much in catform), and eventhough agility/crit is more important to increase dps as a cat, I felt it to be a loss.

The amount of 42 extra armor was the thing that made me compromise for loss of 4 agility and 6 stamina (and well, 16 crit).

I still keep thinking about which one is the better choice, I’m still not sure, but I did choose the Dragonhide and I can’t chance that fact.

What I do need next however is to get exalted and finally get my Violet Signet of the Great Protector to gain the armor I actually lost in comparison to Manimal’s, as I’m still stuck with the crappy healing signet.

The thing I know for absolute sure is that I’m getting the Veteran’s Kodohide Boots for my healing set, as I’m now still using these clothies: Jeweled Boots of Sanctification.

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Holydin Itemization

A short article I wrote on our guild’s forum about Holy paladin itemization.


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Search terms – part 2

The Moroes fight

  • moroes fight

On WoW-Wiki, Bosskillers, etc. there are plenty of strategies to read on the Moroes fight, so I won’t be discussing those. I can explain how our guild does it most of the time though.

The strategy depends a bit on the adds you get, they’re randomly assigned as soon as you spawn the instance. (yes, I just said spawn) Anyhow, there are 4 adds to deal with, and there are 6 different possibilities to choose from. You can find the different adds here.

The fight pretty much requires there to be at least 2 priests to keep 2 adds shackled during the entire fight, simply because they’re just not doable with all the garottes going on. We always take a minimum of 3 priests with us, either all holy or some of them shadow.

If you get either or both the shadow-priest add or the holy-priest add, they should die first. You can tank them to make it easy for your dps, or just whatever, they should be constantly interrupted and killed asap, because they will either heal one of their fellow undead, or drain your mana.

While the adds are being killed, 2 tanks should be assigned to Moroes. They should both be at positions 1 and 2 of the threatlist, so keep an eye on your ktm or omen addon. As a feral you may choose to try and keep an add with you as well next to Moroes, so dps can do their thing without getting hurt. After 2 adds are down, dps can start focussing on Moroes. Keep the remaining shackles up, and try to keep up with both tanks and garotted people. The longer Moroes stays alive, the harder the fight will be.

Basicly this means you need everyone to be well geared to either dps, heal or tank. Attumen is a lot easier in comparison to this fight, but it’s certainly not impossible if everyone knows what to do.

The bonus healing stat

  • wow bonus healing

The most important stat of a healer is ‘Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to…’. This is plainly because it increases the amount of health your healing spells restore. The exact amount of extra restored health is however not always as much as the stat indicates. It depends on whether it’s a heal over time or a regular heal, the casting time of the spell (before talents), and the rank that is used in comparison to the level of the caster. You can pretty much find all about it over here, here and here.

You can increase the effect bonus healing has upon your healing spells using talents. In the case of a restoration druid, the bonus healing is scaled upon your bonus healing. Paladins and balance druids have scaling on intellect, which isn’t very effective most of the time as the amount of intellect doesn’t increase on gear the way bonus healing does. But it depends on your preference ofcourse.

So go get that gear with healing bonus instead of ‘damage and healing’ or int-gear (or spir-gear).

Cat DPS Rings

  • wow druid cat dps rings

Well this is a fairly easy subject. Choose Agility above anything else, after that it’s either Strength or Attack Power. The best randomly enchanted rings are suffixed with “…of the Tiger”, “…of the Beast” and sometimes “…of the Bandit”. Check AH regularly for these rings, it’ll be worth it. The rest of the ring selection you can find at Emmerald’s cat dps list.

I’m still using Lightwarden’s Band for both tanking and dps, you can get it if you’re revered with Aldor. And you get a pretty nifty ring when you’re exalted with the Sha’tar.

Caverns of Time

  • Black Morass Durnholde

The Caverns of Time instances; Old Hillsbrad Foothills, Black Morass and Hyjal Summit. You have to do some prequests first to be able to enter Old Hillsbrad Foothills, these will lead to followups that require you to completely finish the Durnholde event.

When you have finished helping out Thrall, you’re allowed to enter The Black Morass where you have to complete the Opening the Dark Portal event.

After the completion of the Dark Portal event in the instance, you can also complete the Karazhan master’s key quest, since it is only then that you can speak to Medivh in person.

To enter Hyjal Summit, you must complete the Vials of Eternity quest, involving clearing both SSC and The Eye.


  • wow shaman mp5

Restoration Druids differ with Restoration Shamans on a few things, including this subject. Druids have a talent to turn 15% of their spirit into MP5 While Casting, Shamans don’t have that luxury. Elemental shamans do have however a talent to turn their Intellect into MP5.

When checking upon my source of minimum KZ stats, I do see that a shaman should have the same amount of mp5 as a Druid.

That said, for raids, do get plenty of mp5, you will need it. If you can’t get it on your mail-gear, at least get some on your mace and shield. I’m not sure if leather or cloth will be an option, but at least don’t ‘gimp’ your +healing.

In other words, please check out the guides on your class forums, because I have no clue what I’m talking about. 🙂 Perhaps also the Shaman Wikispace?

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