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Odd search

An odd search has surfing around on the blog stats; “why does bonus healing go down when in resto spec”.

My first response would be something like “What? What the… What?”

Assuming the search isn’t about Shamans (though it could very well be), I can imagine as well that someone is comparing his or her +healing on the character stats screen in Resto spec to a previous Feral spec.

If before swapping spec you were feral, probably leveling and trying out talents, there’s a possibility you got a combination of SotF and Nurturing Instinct. Nurturing instinct increases your +healing by a certain stat (now Agility, used to be Strength?), and SotF increases base stats that could increase your healing.

It shouldn’t worry you that the +healing is going down, because you’re going to increase your healing by using full +healing gear. And your resto spec is going to be the silent force behind your healing abilities by increasing its worth in actual healing. Where you had for example +100 extra healing out of +500, the resto spec will make your +400 healing be worth about +550 healing for Healing Touches, +550 for your generic HoT’s, and not to mention an extra +15% of healing done for Rejuvinations. And this will all increase as you increase your main healing stat, as opposed to the less abundant strength and agility.

So I think I can safely conclude that freaking out over the visual statistics isn’t really needed, and you can safely stay resto 😉

/edit; See comment below from Kriyet of Bladefist in case Balance was the previous spec \o/


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Idols offline

While entertaining myself during a WoW-Hiatus, I couldn’t resist the urge to squeeze in some WoW-math. A comparison of 2 epic Feral Idols, as posted on my guild’s forum… (Idol of Terror vs. Idol of the White Stag)


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Druids in Karazhan

While still lacking ideas of what to post about – when there’s already so much information out there about gear, talents, tactics, the hard facts and math essays with enough numbers to make your head spin – I’ve decided to just post again something I’ve posted on our guild forum.

Before anyone considers reading this, I do have to note that these things just indicate how I and the guild handles things, and does not at all mean your guild will hold them as true. You might call it stupid, noobish or insane, and if so: so be it, in several ways we are.

Especially the loot rules are just not something to abide to, they’re just my opinion and how we do things.

Now to hope the text conversion from BB to WordPress doesn’t take hours again…


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La mascarade et l’arbre

Recently I came into possession of the Masquerade Gown at the Opera. Sure it had less healing, but I compensated the difference with an heroic badge necklace.

I’m not sure what to think of the proc-rate of the Spirit increase the robe has. It procs quite often, but it seems to almost always proc right at the beginning of a fight, where it is pretty much wasted. I does seems to save lots of mana, but haven’t had much time to test. The gown itself looks absolutely amazing, love the purpleness.

Anyway, as I read a post from Resto4life about heroic healing as a tree druid, it reminded me of my previous madness about using Tranquility in heroics. Since that time I’ve tested the theory a couple of times, and I have to say it works like a charm.

A nice example of when to use it is the two non-cc-able coilfang horrors just before the 1st boss of Heroic Slave Pens. So the tank has to pull one of the two snakes, let them come to him and do his best to keep both of them on him. If the tank hasn’t got top-notch gear you could ask the group to buff up fully and use trinkets asap to get the first snake down before the healing gets impossible. So as soon as the snake is about to hit, or has already punched the tank once, you start channeling tranquility. No threat, so no angry snakes hitting you. As soon as tranquility ends, you hit regrowth, lifebloom, rejuvination, and build up a lifebloom stack. The first target should be dead by now, and the second target that’s now coming towards you should be picked up by the tank.

I think it works wonders for a tree, and I’m hoping Blizzard won’t listen to all those complaints that improved tranquility is useless, because it’s not. We just have to learn how to use it. I even used it a couple of times in Karazhan where we used to semi-wipe because the healers died first because of the healing-threat (some bits before chess/netherspite), and it saved my branches from a swift death.

Alors, c’est ca.

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Swapping gear

Recently I got a nice drop from the Chess event in Kz, and I’ve been pondering which items and gems I should be using.

The drop was a pair of Forestlord Striders, which I was first sceptical about, because I’m currently wearing Veteran’s Kodohide Boots. I could probably gem Forestlords’ to somehow “equal” to the Veteran’s, but I can’t make them better when it comes to stamina and mp5. Gemming them with 2x 18+ healing gems will be an improvement of 21 healing compared to the Veterans’, but I will lose 15 stamina, and 8mp5.

With the new patch however, I think I have decided to adjust my strategy. Because of the boost to mana regeneration from Spirit while casting, my overal regen will go up. And since I can survive fairly well with the current regeneration amount, I’m going to dump some raw mp5 for healing. After all, healing is just about the only stat that actually scales (ok, spirit scales a little as well).

So, I’m currently in the process of changing gems and items to higher healing levels., and will probably post the changes once I’m “done”.


Alright, summary of changes:

Resto Stats 13 Nov

So the 264 spirit currently gives about 34 mp5, and will give 34 mp5 more when the patch 2.3 is applied. So it will return to 121 mp5.

Strangely enough somehow my health stays the same, I lose 90 mana, gain 56 healing, gain 38 spirit, and gain about 18 mp5.

It’s a start… In any case, it turned my Lifebloom without ToL in a 200/400/600 hp per second heal, which is pretty fun.

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I respecced today to heal in Karazhan, which wasn’t too bad. I fairly enjoyed myself keeping 10 people alive.

After the raid, some of us decided to go do an heroic. So there I was healing an heroic Slave Pens, which was fairly doable in the first few rooms. But then we got to the part where you have 2 non-cc-able mobs that hit ridiculously hard. We wiped about 10 times in total, but 7 of them were just random misshaps, and 3 of ’em were about these 2 annoying mobs.

So first I tried normal healing, stack up some Bloom’s, Rejuv – “Oh crap the cross is coming right at me!”. Then I tried waiting, bloom, healing tou… tank dead. And the final attempt was Lifebloom stack, run towards tank, use -threat trinket, Rejuv, cross coming at me again and wipe.

When we had some laughs about it and decided to give up – it hit me. 100% threat reduce on tranquility: 12 seconds of good healing to give the tank time to generate enough threat on both targets. That talent is worth it!

(Now I need to respec again because I only took 1 point when I hastily clicked on the talents a few minutes before the raid-kickoff.)

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Rage and threat

There’s a lot of interesting talk going on in the world of blogs, and there’s a lot I’d like to emphasize or talk about. Though this bit caught my eye thinking: I can add something to that without having 2 pages of formula’s and tables. (not that I’m not a math-guy, I am)

Karthis rightfully concluded that taking damage is the best way to generate Rage. There are however from a tanking perspective some very annoying side effects from this fact concerning Shielding and Dodging.

Probably every rage-dependant tank has experienced it: a priest throws up a shield before you pull. You’ll gain absolutely no rage whatsoever for the duration of the shield. This means that you won’t be able to perform any kind of threat-generating ability except for your auto-attacks. And considering the speed of your paws in dire bear form, there’s no doubt about it that either a dps or healing party-member will gain aggro after 5 seconds where they had expected you to gain solid aggro on your mobs.

Any other druid would say: “why aren’t you using enrage then before the pull?”, well I do use it quite often, but you’ll always be in that fortunate situation where you’re OT and have pretty much no control over when the MT pulls. You could hit enrage the moment the MT pulled, but you’ll probably have to debuff it as soon as your designated target starts hitting you. (other question: why have I never thought about debuffing the shield?)

I’ll absolutely adore any priest who uses PoM, or Frisbee as Ego calls it, instead of a shield. It heals you for whatever damage you’re initially taking after pull, and the threat the healing generates is all yours.

The issue that’s equally annoying, is Dodge. Dodge not only makes low-level instances pretty much impossible to tank – without pulling multiple mobs, taking off some gear or just tank in catform – but it also has the annoying property to be there on the first few hits you’re going to take from a mob. The result is pretty much the same as a shield: you won’t generate any rage, because you’re not taking damage. The worst part of it is, is that you can’t help it, because you’ll need the avoidance dodge gives you throughout the fight.

Anyway, the best way I’ve noticed to come out of the icky situation of having no rage, is hoping you’ll get enough rage to hit a cheap ability like Lacerate, and then hoping it will crit. If it crits, you’ll get enough rage to be able to use Mangle, and if it doesn’t crit you’ll just have to wait a bit longer with the unfortunate risk of temporarily losing aggro.

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