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Despite the hiatus…

I’m always available for questions. (email to partouf at gmail)

I feel so sad everytime I see a search coming by with questions or keywords that I haven’t really answered on this blog…

But of course there’s a wealth of information out there, certainly for (and by) Druids. The links on the side should point you to the bloggers out there, check Resto4Life for her active list of bloggers here.

I certainly had much fun listening to a recent “Epic Dolls podcast” featuring Phaelia from Resto4life over here. All the basic must-knows around the Druid class can be audibly heard in american accents in just 60 minutes – without you having to read! zomg!

For other stuff, read read read. And don’t be afraid to ask, you can mail all the smart bloggers as well, just go over to their site.

Even if non-druid specific.


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