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Addon studio v2

I’ve used the VS Addon Studio for my ManaWarning addon, and there were so many bugs it was hardly workable, but it was still much better than having to write the XML files myself when trying to create the configuration UI.

It seems that the new version of the Addon Studio is going to be a great improvement.

Channel 9 has a preview and interview with the devs here.


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Odd search

An odd search has surfing around on the blog stats; “why does bonus healing go down when in resto spec”.

My first response would be something like “What? What the… What?”

Assuming the search isn’t about Shamans (though it could very well be), I can imagine as well that someone is comparing his or her +healing on the character stats screen in Resto spec to a previous Feral spec.

If before swapping spec you were feral, probably leveling and trying out talents, there’s a possibility you got a combination of SotF and Nurturing Instinct. Nurturing instinct increases your +healing by a certain stat (now Agility, used to be Strength?), and SotF increases base stats that could increase your healing.

It shouldn’t worry you that the +healing is going down, because you’re going to increase your healing by using full +healing gear. And your resto spec is going to be the silent force behind your healing abilities by increasing its worth in actual healing. Where you had for example +100 extra healing out of +500, the resto spec will make your +400 healing be worth about +550 healing for Healing Touches, +550 for your generic HoT’s, and not to mention an extra +15% of healing done for Rejuvinations. And this will all increase as you increase your main healing stat, as opposed to the less abundant strength and agility.

So I think I can safely conclude that freaking out over the visual statistics isn’t really needed, and you can safely stay resto 😉

/edit; See comment below from Kriyet of Bladefist in case Balance was the previous spec \o/

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Despite the hiatus…

I’m always available for questions. (email to partouf at gmail)

I feel so sad everytime I see a search coming by with questions or keywords that I haven’t really answered on this blog…

But of course there’s a wealth of information out there, certainly for (and by) Druids. The links on the side should point you to the bloggers out there, check Resto4Life for her active list of bloggers here.

I certainly had much fun listening to a recent “Epic Dolls podcast” featuring Phaelia from Resto4life over here. All the basic must-knows around the Druid class can be audibly heard in american accents in just 60 minutes – without you having to read! zomg!

For other stuff, read read read. And don’t be afraid to ask, you can mail all the smart bloggers as well, just go over to their site.

Even if non-druid specific.

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