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La mascarade et l’arbre

Recently I came into possession of the Masquerade Gown at the Opera. Sure it had less healing, but I compensated the difference with an heroic badge necklace.

I’m not sure what to think of the proc-rate of the Spirit increase the robe has. It procs quite often, but it seems to almost always proc right at the beginning of a fight, where it is pretty much wasted. I does seems to save lots of mana, but haven’t had much time to test. The gown itself looks absolutely amazing, love the purpleness.

Anyway, as I read a post from Resto4life about heroic healing as a tree druid, it reminded me of my previous madness about using Tranquility in heroics. Since that time I’ve tested the theory a couple of times, and I have to say it works like a charm.

A nice example of when to use it is the two non-cc-able coilfang horrors just before the 1st boss of Heroic Slave Pens. So the tank has to pull one of the two snakes, let them come to him and do his best to keep both of them on him. If the tank hasn’t got top-notch gear you could ask the group to buff up fully and use trinkets asap to get the first snake down before the healing gets impossible. So as soon as the snake is about to hit, or has already punched the tank once, you start channeling tranquility. No threat, so no angry snakes hitting you. As soon as tranquility ends, you hit regrowth, lifebloom, rejuvination, and build up a lifebloom stack. The first target should be dead by now, and the second target that’s now coming towards you should be picked up by the tank.

I think it works wonders for a tree, and I’m hoping Blizzard won’t listen to all those complaints that improved tranquility is useless, because it’s not. We just have to learn how to use it. I even used it a couple of times in Karazhan where we used to semi-wipe because the healers died first because of the healing-threat (some bits before chess/netherspite), and it saved my branches from a swift death.

Alors, c’est ca.


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Swapping gear

Recently I got a nice drop from the Chess event in Kz, and I’ve been pondering which items and gems I should be using.

The drop was a pair of Forestlord Striders, which I was first sceptical about, because I’m currently wearing Veteran’s Kodohide Boots. I could probably gem Forestlords’ to somehow “equal” to the Veteran’s, but I can’t make them better when it comes to stamina and mp5. Gemming them with 2x 18+ healing gems will be an improvement of 21 healing compared to the Veterans’, but I will lose 15 stamina, and 8mp5.

With the new patch however, I think I have decided to adjust my strategy. Because of the boost to mana regeneration from Spirit while casting, my overal regen will go up. And since I can survive fairly well with the current regeneration amount, I’m going to dump some raw mp5 for healing. After all, healing is just about the only stat that actually scales (ok, spirit scales a little as well).

So, I’m currently in the process of changing gems and items to higher healing levels., and will probably post the changes once I’m “done”.


Alright, summary of changes:

Resto Stats 13 Nov

So the 264 spirit currently gives about 34 mp5, and will give 34 mp5 more when the patch 2.3 is applied. So it will return to 121 mp5.

Strangely enough somehow my health stays the same, I lose 90 mana, gain 56 healing, gain 38 spirit, and gain about 18 mp5.

It’s a start… In any case, it turned my Lifebloom without ToL in a 200/400/600 hp per second heal, which is pretty fun.

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Healing at Aran

Last week I’ve been given the opportunity to heal in Karazhan due to lack of healers. Fate was kind on us and we ended up at Aran on our last day.

There’s a lot of complicated tactics involved with Aran, with most importantly the rule that says I will not move when Flame Wreath is cast or the raid blows up. Fortunately Flame Wreath is not the thing we have to worry about much when healing. Things you do have to run for is Blizzard and Arcane explosion, but they are fairly doable.

The important thing for healers in this fight is the fact that there’s no such thing as a tank, and everyone gets his or her share of damage intake throughout the fight. Tree form is pretty much out of the question if you don’t want to die because you didn’t shift out fast enough while running away, so you won’t have the fancy mana reduction on HoTs.

There’s both raid and singular damage going on at random people every few seconds, so it doesn’t make much sense to stack lifebloom. I ended up throwing 1 lifebloom at anyone who’s life was going down, and let the other healers fill in the gaps. The tricky part is the point where Aran decides to fire arcane missiles at someone combined with some other fancy fireballs or frostbolts just because he didn’t get enough hugs from his mother when he was alive. I ended up putting both rejuv’s and regrowths on the person that was being blown away, which seemed enough most of the times.

In general it wasn’t very hard to heal all of this, but the annoying part was the mana consumption. We didn’t have enough interruptions, so we ended up with a polymorph and elementals shortly after that. And with drinking some 3 mana potions and 1 innervate on myself, there were still moments where I was waiting for the mana potion cooldown with 0 mana. To leave myself with enough mana to heal the important people, I decided to hold it off until I spent a couple of seconds out of the 5sr, which seemed to work ok-ish.

In total we had 4 deaths, where 1 was our priest who luckily used his soul stone to resurrect during combat. I somehow missclicked at some point during the fight for a combat-rez and ended up resurrecting a random mage for the last 3% of the fight instead.

After that we had some marvelous attemps on Illhoof, which is certainly another challenge to heal, but unfortunately we didn’t have the dps to do it. We even got a ‘Berzerk’-state on our second attempt where we decided to just ignore Kil’rek, while we had Illhoof on 8%.

Ah well, better luck next time!

Healing Stats

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PTR Forum Drama

I somehow thought it was Blizzard’s fault, and I replied to a thread on the ongoing silence from Blizzard Community Managers on the Public Test Realm forums. A very simple matter, the missing Season 1 vendor for Honor/Marks on the EU PTR Servers. The US has him, and the EU is lacking one.

And as I read all comments I realize that Blizzard seems not the one to blame. EU people always seem to troll and call upon the armory profile n00bn3ss of one another. It’s somehow always about PvP, which I’m noticing on the Druid forums as well. I’m saddened by the amount of quarreling children on the forums.

I tried to squeeze this post in, but it went absolutely unnoticed:

It’s pretty simple imo: Season 1 vendor is missing, and is clearly a bug. A bug obviously no one from Blizzard – be it developer or whoever – seems to bother with or hasn’t noticed. So either the bug reporting system is down on PTR, and at the same time everyone has gone ill and not checking the gazillion forum posts, or the PTR is here just for show.

If they DO put up the vendor in Live eventually, it is an untested addition which will probably result in several Tickets on Live, bothering a lot of GM’s that then have to talk to the players who reported it. Assuming “it will be ok, because it’s just another vendor” is a Bad call, and if anyone is responsible for that call, he or she should be fired.

Dealing with the Forums is a whole other issue, and it’s fairly simple to fix to be honest. Some random employee will just have to Reply to on of our gazillion threads, and say “We are aware” or “Working as Intended” or “Will be dandy when live” or “Yes we know, shut up and test other things”. It seems to me as a really bad way of treating your community by simply not replying at all.

Blizzard – Say something, anything… seriously, anything…

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