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Tranguility again…

Improved Tranquility – Tranquility doesn’t have the punch to pull aggro anyway.” as explained in the Guide to Resto End-Game by Heavenfall.

Opinions vary around the importance of the 2-point talent Improved Tranquility to reduce threat generation by Tranquility up to 50% and 100%. For example: who needs Improved Tranquility when you have barkskin or Improved Tranquility is worth taking a second look at.

All these things aside, the CM Vaneras from the EU forums has announced these features for the upcoming 2.3 patch.

Just like the 2.2 patch on increased damage modifier for the Hurricane spell, they’re planning on giving some extra punch to Tranquility in 2.3.

Will this change things? Will we respec because of these changes? I’m not sure yet, I’ll just have to wait and see. What I do know is that I will take at least 1 point in Intensity when 2.3 comes out when Feral specced, and I’m going to make a lot of macro’s concerning switching back to casterform with the new /cancelform implementation in 2.3.

There have been a lot of changes in 2.2, and there will be some really interesting things in 2.3. But what about our current situation? What about our Resurrection abilities, what about the feral range bug, what about what about the Healing Touch cast duration, what about eating apples in bear form! Oh wait…

Lot of things to discuss, though I will leave that to others.

What does bug me is the upcoming change to healers itemisation; free spell damage. What Lunatic is going to solo/farm/etc in his or her HEALING GEAR?! Especially Druids should at least have 2 different sets of gear, and every priest I know does exactly the same. I’m definately Ok if they decide to make it a talent to get a bit of +dmg from +healingstat, but Item-stat changes?

I can totally see it happen:

*drop of cloth with +50 healing and +20 damage and healing*
*crappily geared mage Needs on item*
*Healer needs*
*Healer loses roll*
Healer: “Wtf??! Why did you need on that item!?”
Mage: “It’s better than what I have now!”
Healer: “It’s HEALING GEAR you noob!”

Oh, the drama…


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Omg views

I seriously want to thank Phaelia from Resto4Life for the linking to my blog, for she has caused my views to rise pretty high.

However, I do like to apologize to all the viewers, because as I know you’re probably disappointed by the content of this blog. I really hope I can improve things, actually post more regular and have some actual informative blogs beside my /emo entries.

Meanwhile, stick to Resto4Life, cause she’s ftw 🙂

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CE and ST

I took upon the opportunity to work on my Sha’tar and Cenarion Expedition reputation, since I’ve given up on PvP since I recently bought my fancy healing boots.

I’m aiming for being exalted with both factions, since I’ll be able to get a Gavel of Pure Light (299 healing) and A’Dal’s Command for dps when exalted with Sha’tar. Cenarion Expedition will give me the infamous Earthwarden (and possibly Windcaller’s Orb).

So I went along with a Botanica run, where I FINALLY got my first fragment of the Arcatraz key, so I could complete the key. And in the late afternoon we did a full clear of Steamvault, and in the evening we did a heroic Slave Pens run till the 1st boss. I especially like the heroic SP run, because it only takes like 30 minutes if everyone knows what he or she is doing to get up to the 1st boss and get that badge of justice.

I know there’s probably easier instances to get badges, but SP has its familiarities.

I haven’t got really interesting things to say, so this was just a short infomercial.

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Aran, such as and

I had a great raiding night yesterday, ’cause for a change there was a healer shortage so I got to respec resto again and fill up the spot.

This was my actual ‘real-deal’ healing effort in Karazhan apart from an Attumen attempt couple of weeks ago. The way I healed at that Attumen fight was quite chaotic, I used HT’s that mostly landed too late and went into overheal, and threw around useless HoT’s.

Yesterday I actually tried tree-healing and utilized my nifty macro for the tanks’ Lifebloom stacks. It was a lot of fiddling around, and I got much to improve still. The biggest concern is to keep the bloody Global Cooldown in mind, ’cause I kept forgetting about it and ended up restacking blooms again and again because of the timing issues I had. Next to that I didn’t really pay attention to anything else except for HP’s, I forgot to watch my mana and didn’t have a single clue on what was going on in the field.

I’m using Pitbull as a party/raid/target/focus-replacement interface like Resto4Life suggested, but since I’ve only used it for a couple of days now, I still need to get used to it. I do think it’s a big improvement from any other addon I’ve been using though. I can probably delete NaturEnemyCastbar now, because Pitbull makes it a hell of a lot easier to refresh stacks and other things.

It surprised me an awful lot that I ended up 2nd on the healing meters, and I’m pretty positive now that it can’t really be trusted on the healing stats. I ended up with 130k healing less than one of our best healing priests, currently with 1423 healing bonus, which doesn’t really surprise me. The thing that did surprise me was that all of a sudden our 2nd top healer with 1629 healing bonus ended up 3rd on the meters with HALF of the healing that I did. Half, can you believe that? Well I can’t.

I kind of missed using HT’s though, but I’m getting the hang of using HoT’s. I see it as a death-saver and top-off-‘r, you can use them to negate damage done and keep someone topped off at 100% (using blooms), or you can use random usage of bloom, rejuv, regrowth to keep someone from dying from random raid-damage while the other healers try to sort out the priorities and heal them up fully.

After a while we ended up knocking on Aran’s door to see if he was in a happy mood, but he wasn’t at all. We didn’t wipe as fast as our previous attempt, no one died because of the Flame Wreath. We attempted to kill him twice, and we got him as far as 80% I think. In the end I was the only healer who hadn’t died yet along with a feral bear trying to beat some sense into Aran. But I ended up dying first by going Oom and unable to heal myself up while in a blizzard. (yes, I know, but the raid leader decided we should try that, so – we did, and we died)

(ps. noticed the pun in the title? yes, I’m lame)

Oh, I almost forgot. I’ve been trying to use the addon “Healbot” as well, but I think it’s just a waste of space. Just this: who in the world goes around Downranking Rejuvinations? Who, why? It’s that stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, what makes the addon think there isn’t going to be any other future damage intakes? If I wanted to fill someone up to 100% with a mana-cheap cast I’d just throw a healing touch at it, because that will only take 3 seconds, not 12 seconds like Rejuvination.

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After two wipes I decided to go crazy and ask to the other 2 cat druids what they did to dps the flares that the Curator spawned. We did rather good, but after the first evocation, dps went down and the flares didn’t die quickly enough.

After our first attempt, we decided to huddle against eachother, close to the Curator. Reason for this was that we had 4 melee dps classes (3 druids, 1 rogue), and only 2 ranged (1 lock, 1 mage). The lock had stacked up some arcane res gear, so he stood at a bit of a distance and tried to stay second on the threatlist, and the healers tried to top him off on health so he was the one targeted with the hateful bolt.

I was fiddling around with mangle most of the time on the flares, cause I didn’t have a clue on where the ‘back’ of the flares were. After a while I just figured, well hey, they’re targeting someone, see where that target is, and the other side is the back of them (gee, rocket science). Shred maximized my dps by a lot, so I decided to ask the other druids “what abilities do you use on the flares?”. “Mostly mangle and watch the combo’s”, I did almost forget about the Ferocious Bite, so I tried to squeeze that in as well.

I suggested to try and use shred once in a while, cause its effect is modified by mangle. Yet, one mentioned he didn’t have improved shred because he was mostly “tanking specced”, so he prefered to use mangle. (the talent is called “Shredding Attack”)

The thing is, I actually took the shredding attacks talent because of the rage discount on Lacerate. I didn’t realize it enabled shred to cost less energy. Lucky me, I suppose.

Anyway, we got the flares down fast enough, and we eventually got the Curator down as well. I tried to maximize my dps to the limit, and I saw some other druids use shred more often as well. We threw in innervates to our priests, which we neglected to do the previous wipe. And hurah, our mage ended up with nice t4 gloves, the first one to receive t4 in our guild.

We continued on to Aran, and wiped 1 time because of a patrol walking by in the library. Finally we got to Aran, and we had a whole walkthrough at the tactics. But then at about 5 seconds after we engaged him, I screwed up and took a step back when there was a Flame Wreath (and perhaps a Blizzard the same time?), I got thrown in the air like 4 times, and then the raid wiped about 20 seconds after we started the fight.

It was our first attempt, and we’re going to try it again next tuesday. Not sure if I’ll be there as well, but we’ll see how it goes.

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Tonight there was a last-minute raid scheduled to take on Emeriss, who seemed to reside this time in Duskwood. I was invited, lot of wipes occurred, lot of people came and went.

I was offtanking Emeriss, trying to stay 2nd on the threat-list so when our warrior was put asleep I could take over his shift for a moment.

The thing that makes Emeriss so difficult is that the cooldowns of the tanks are severely lengthened because of a stacking debuff that occurs when the dragon lets us smell his breath. This means that the tanks will be severely gimped in their threat-generation cycle.

Yet, after about 10 wipes, re-explaining the fight 10 times, and waiting for the death-debuff to go away – it still seems impossible for people to control their dps output. The dragon turns, tails our behinds, breaths on someone else, hits around, healers freak out, deaths occur, and after desperate attempts to stay alive while the raid lose their 2 tanks, a wipe occurs.

Sure there were other reasons as well, but how hard is it to control your dps output? Hello? Stop attacking for a bit? Is it really That hard?

I’m not exactly that innocent or good. When a couple of us were doing Black Morass for someone’s attunement, and a warrior was tanking, I occasionally forgot to watch the meter or forgot to hit the cower button. But at least I know it wouldn’t have caused a wipe, even when I’d died of the aggro-gain (which I didn’t, either dodged or pressed cower fast enough).

What is it with warriors and low threat-generation anyway 😉

Or maybe it’s just my talents.. probably that.. I did somehow top the damagemeter though, kinda odd…

ps. Or better yet… I even said something like “this and that, so I only generate about 2k threat every 5 seconds”, is that some hidden incentive for people to do whatever the hell they want and keep pressing those buttons whenever the global-cooldown is over?

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Missing hits and lack of energy

Some other things I noticed yesterday as well, was that on the way to Attumen there were some really annoying undeads. Not because of some feared or because they hit hard (because they don’t, really), but because they do a stacking strength and agility debuff. Because of that debuff I had a lot of issues getting crit, and therefor lack of dps output and energy to actually do something. I never really noticed, because previously I had to offtank some adds at the end as well, so I wore my tanking gear and just blamed my gear for lack of dps. This time another feral did the offtanking, and I was in my dps gear the whole time, and then I watched my buffs and finally noticed the debuff.

I also noticed having a lot of ‘miss’-es when Attumen was at low health. (or maybe that was Moroes, but that can’t really be the case, since I was offtanking Moroes and the other feral was doing the adds…) It kinda made me upgrade my hit-rating, eventhough I’m not particularly low on that area.

Oh well /random.

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